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To every single member of TYA, THANK YOU ALL for being a member and representing the group! We've reached over 12000 members and still going strong :]
Since the admins have been super busy, we haven't been very active lately. NONETHELESS, we should totally celebrate! *WINK*

NEW FOLDERS: Digital NINTH, Traditional SIXTH, and Tutorials and Memes!!
Our galleries fill up really, really fast, so is it about time we start regulating the art flow, to maintain a standard of quality here? We don't want to be spamming all our members' devwatch inboxes too much, right?  So remember these rules, they'll also be posted on the front page rules section:

:bulletred: ONLY choose your best best best works for submissions please!
:bulletorange: No WIPs and submit only the first page of ongoing/series comics!
:bulletyellow: PLEASE REMEMBER to submit to the right folders!
Animation is for flashes, videos, and animations. NOT fanarts of animes or cartoons.
Mixed media is mainly for pieces including digital AND traditional materials used.
Daily Deviations are for ... DDs. Not works that are hoping for DDs. But DDs. :'D

There are currently 4 admins. For a group this big, we're going to need MANY MORE CONTRIBUTORS FOR HELP running the group! So we're looking for members who wish to become a contributor (and TRANSCEND ALL COOLNESS! :P)
The job is mainly to vote on submissions, accept requests, and answer member inquiries. But there's also writing journals, suggesting contest ideas, rules, and all sorts of activities for the group. Having experience in running other groups is great but not necessary, and good artistic knowledge/skills is a thing to think about too :D
There WILL be another journal specifically for this issue, but if YOU'RE interested, please send us a NOTE about it!

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Guys we survived the apocalypse as well. We ROCK. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! :"D

Fun Quote:
"[Jellyfish] are 97% water or something, so how much are they doing? Just give them another 3% and make them water."
-- Karl Pilkington

Wonderful Word:
Verbigeration [(ˌ)vər-ˌbi-jə-ˈrā-shən]
1. Continual repetition of stereotyped phrases (as in some forms of mental illness)

Latest Classifieds

Need to find people who will comment on your work, and help you improve? :note: Just note us with the subject as "Blog Classifieds", and ask to have your "ad" posted in our next Blog entry!

Blog Classifieds Spotlight...!
Suggest People for FeatureEdit there is an updated version of this journal here
comments added to this journal will still be featured

So as a group and as a personal project I would like to give more exposure to new artists and help people find inspiration. 
What I was thinking is we compile 2 lists :
For deviants 5 months or under who you think deserve exposure
This is a one off list so get suggestions in asap

For deviants you find inspirational and would like to share with others
When suggesting inspirational deviants could you write a short sentence as to why
 3 suggestions per deviant

Please don't use :dev: or any of
:iconall-darts: is holding a wonderful feature initiative: check it out and suggest your fav deviants! :D

Previous Classifieds:
Land of the Sky Contest Win a Wacom Tablet!Our contest welcomes entries of all media and the prizes include a Wacom Bamboo Capture Pen and Touch Tablet, multiple Three Month dA Subscriptions, hundreds of Points, and lots of amazing Land of the Sky merchandise! Tonight is the last chance, submit your entries as soon as possible!
The entirety of KoronaMosel’ Land of the Sky can be read online.
:bulletblue: dA :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: SmackJeeves :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: Theme :bulletblue:
Land of the Sky is a series full of many kinds of relationships, from friendships, to family, platonic and romantic love, to rivalries and enemies. Choose a relationship between two or more characters to explore.  
:bulletblue: Prizes :bulletblue:
:damphyr: First place:  :damphyr:
   [Bullet; Blue]         W
contest held by :iconlandofthesky:
WIN A WACOM TABLET, POINTS, and PM's! Ends August 18.

Summer Seaside ContestUs founders have been very inactive lately so to make up for it, we'll be holding an awesome contest for you guys :heart:.
:heart:Participants should submit photos related to summer, nature and water (can be ocean, sea, lake, anything).

Deadlines and such
:heart:You can submit from this day on until 1st September :D! However it must be in this folder: . If one fails to submit their photos there, they won't be taken into consideration. Btw, there's a limit of 5 photos per participant so only post your best work!

Judging and prizes
:heart:Our co-founder *Calisaroa and I will be deciding, however we'll have polls through which members can vote as well. If, say, 60% of members vote Picture X which the two of us don't particularly like, he or she will get a popularity prize consisting of their works being featured in this group

held by :iconandreeaatena:
Come enter and win 400 points!
Ends September 1, 2013

Holding variety commissions! Art, icons, plushies, photos, etc, visit her for more info :]

Opened chibi commissions, so come check it out! :D

is having a commissions sale! Character sketches for $7 or less! Click for the forum post here… for more info! :D

Next Affiliate Contests and/or News
is just starting out and looking for some members!

Suggestion Box...
Is now open for suggestions. Just note us with the subject as "Suggestion Box". We all want to make this group as great as it can get for all the groupies, so lets hear what they have to say!

The Coolios

The Coolios are in! And they're writing blogs! [Dear Lord help us!]

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